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MEPI in Egypt

MEPI Local Grant Project Supports Government Schema to Remove Slum Areas in Great Cairo Province

Through a MEPI Local Grant project “Safe Slum Areas”, Shafafia (Transparency) for Society Studies and Development in Egypt is supporting public participation on the Egyptian government scheme of 2050 to remove more than 29 housing slums areas.  Shafafia held a series of town halls with civil society leaders, and people who live in Arab El Yasar, Arab El Hissn, and Ezbit Abu Hashish, areas that are classified as slums or dangerous areas within Great Cairo province.
   Through these meetings Shafafia raised awareness among the population about their rights in obtaining adequate alternative housing, fair compensation and their rights to return to live on the same land through a rights-based approach. Shafafia is building the capacities and skills of 40 community leaders, including lawyers from the target areas so as to become active in ensuring a fair, transparent and legal implementation phase.
  People from the target areas attended the meetings and showed much interest in participating in the workshops and training sessions held within this project. Shafafia reported that people have become aware of the situation and this is translated by the higher number of people interested to participate in this project than projected.
The project will help create social movements to negotiate all details and phases of implementation of the scheme and urge relevant MPs and local counselors to address the issue.