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MEPI In West Bank and Gaza

Palestinian-Israeli Women for Change

(Israeli and Palestinian women during the Open Space Technology workshop)

Israeli and Palestinian women during the Open Space Technology workshop

 MEPI partner the Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information (IPCRI) is empowering women and providing them with a framework to develop and enhance their roles as peacekeepers both in their own communities and at the national level. Through the MEPI Local Grant project “Women Empowered for Peace” IPCRI brought together 100 Israeli and Palestinian women from three peripheral areas to attend a two-day Open Space Technology workshop. The first day focused on discussion groups in various areas such as: political, economical and social restrictions imposed on women and the position of women in the community. The second day focused on producing action plans for engagement of the participants in creating a change in their communities. 
During the workshops participants produced action plans for engagement and activism for the sake of advancing peace, and promoting understanding and non-violence. IPCRI has also created an interactive website: dedicated to the project.