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MEPI Empowers Youth in the Workforce

Mansheet Nasser is an urban area in Cairo suffering from an increasing rate of unemployment among youths, and a growing number of social problems including theft, and drug abuse.  To tackle these issues and assist youths in acquiring employable skills, Social Peace Association for Environment and Development (SPAED) launched a MEPI-funded project to provide training on production of different leather products.  

   The targeted trainees had primary or middle school education or no education at all. Following training, many of the participants will be able to gain employment at factories. Participants displaying strong entrepreneurial potential will be supported to start their own business through micro-credit support.

   Over a period of seven months, 50 unemployed youths from both genders, acquired skills in working on machinery to produce leather items, including shoes, belts, bags, and leather clothing items..

SPAED selected two trainers, who have extensive working experience in leather products and set up a vocational center with the necessary equipments,. The trainers taught the participants how to select raw material, making a pattern, cutting, assembling and sewing. The trainees had also a technical training cycle on all types of machinery and tools so they can safely and efficiently use them. The project developed participants’ vocational and soft skills which will enable them to compete in the labor market.

   The training also included educational sessions on topics including: leather industry history, leather unions in Egypt, safety and accident prevention at factories, leather wholesalers in Egypt, determining the price of a product, book keeping, innovation, and Egyptian labor rights. 15 women participants received literacy courses and an awareness session on sexual harassment.